Acknowledgments From the Gas Explosion Victim’s Family For the National Police, Especially the Muara Enim Police Chief and All Parties Who Helped

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Muara Enim Jurnal Factnews.com – It’s amazing..Many people are proud of their wealth and position without caring about the pain of others, but not for Muara Enim Police Chief AKBP Andi Supriadi, SH, SIK, MH.

He is more proud and happy if he can help people in need.

What happened was that Junaidi Aziz was a victim who suffered burns from a 3 kg LPG explosion so he had to be rushed to the Rabain Muara Enim Hospital because he had not taken care of his family card, ID card and BPJS so that the cost of treatment was borne by the victim himself, especially since the victim was only a day laborer while his wife was only a housewife and waiting for a helping hand

heard this news in the whatsapp group, then the police chief immediately helped find a solution for this patient.

The Muara Enim Police Chief then coordinated with the Muara Enim Police Polyclinic, the Director of the Rabain Muara Enim General Hospital, the Muara Enim Dukcapil Office and BPJS to take care of the victim’s BPJS until finally Junaidi Aziz all treatment costs could be borne by the BPJS

Kapolres Muara Enim AKBP AKBP Andi Supriadi, SH, SIK, MH said it was an obligation for Polri members to help anyone, and was a form of Polri’s concern for people who were experiencing distress.

This is the duty and function of Polri members as Protectors, Protectors and Servants of the community wherever they are on duty. Its existence is expected to provide a sense of security and comfort to all people. Said Akbp Andi Supriadi

Junaidi Aziz’s wife expresses her deepest gratitude to the National Police, especially the Muara Enim Police Chief, who has greatly helped her husband

“As a member of the community, I really feel proud to have the Polri institution today, friendly, polite, professional and always providing assistance to the community from time to time,” said the victim’s wife.

A big thank you also to all those who have helped us. May Allah SWT always give goodness to all of us. Amen.

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