Head of Head of Muara Enim Prison, Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Sumatra announces face-to-face services at Muara Enim Prison will be opened from 12 July 2022

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Following up on a virtual briefing by the Head of the South Sumatra Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office on July 07 2022, including on the implementation of face-to-face services and the celebration of Eid al-Adha, the Head of the Muara Enim Penitentiary, Herdianto and his staff carried out socialization to the inmates on Thursday (07-07-2022 ).

The socialization was listened to and welcomed by 1,201 inmates/detainees at the Muara Enim Prison.

Head of Head of Muara Enim, Herdianto said that the preparation of the visiting room and infrastructure was ready in accordance with the provisions in the Circular of the Director General of Corrections.

“Today, we convey the good news, God willing, starting on July 12, 2022, we will open face-to-face services,” said Herdianto.

Head of Binadik Giatja, Taufik again reminded that the allowed visitors are still limited, namely the nuclear family of prisoners on condition that they bring their ID cards and copies of family cards as well as proof that they have been vaccinated.

Each prisoner or detainee receives 1 (one) visit in 1 (week) during the service hours that have been made and announced.

Especially for prisoners, it must be with a letter of approval from the detainee, namely the police or the prosecutor’s office or the court according to the status of the detainee.

For visitors or prisoners who have not been able to receive face-to-face services, visits are carried out virtually.

“Then the Eid al-Adha celebration will be held for 2 days, namely Sunday and Monday, July 10-11, 2022. There are 5 sacrificial animals that are sacrificed in prisons,” added Taufik.

Also present were the Head of the Security Unit, Ressy Setiawan and the Head of Kamtib Administration, Agusnadi who also gave directions.

“Let’s support this face-to-face service by acting in an orderly manner and not trying to enter prohibited items”, Ressy ordered.

“All services, including face-to-face services, are free of charge or free,” closed Agusnadi.

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