Head of Head of Muara Enim Kemenkumham South Sumatra Herdianto and his Staff Participate in the Launching of KUMHAM – CSIRT

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Head of Muara Enim Head of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Sumatra Herdianto and his staff participated in the Virtual Launching of KUMHAM – CSIRT. Tuesday, (14/06/2022).

The KUMHAM – CSIRT Launching activity was attended directly by the secretary General of the RI Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Head of BSSN, Plt. Sestama BSSN, Special Staff of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights for Digital Transformation, Primary High Leaders in IT Functions and KUMHAM – CSIRT.

Meanwhile, Virtually the Head of Regional Office, Kadivmin, Head of PP, Head of IT Public Relations, Heads of Technical Implementation Units and Main Unit Managers, Regional Offices and UPTs throughout Indonesia were also present.

In his report, Head of Pusdatin Hermansyah Siregar said today’s activity is one of the efforts of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in optimizing services in the security sector, especially in efforts to overcome cyber security.

“BSSN has set central and local government agencies in the chip formation program as the target of the Government’s Work Plan. Today the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is participating in realizing the RKP target with the theme of the activity is secure together save better,” he said.

“With the participation and concern of all levels of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights towards cyber security, we can take better rescue actions,” continued Hermansyah.

“We express our highest gratitude and appreciation to the secretary general of law and human rights for his direction and support as well as to the head of the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency and staff who have provided support so that the launching of this story beetle can be carried out smoothly,” he said. .

“Furthermore, there will be an increase in HR competence in the form of certified training and workshops organized by the BSSN system, which is expected to be able to respond to security incidents that occur quickly, efficiently and effectively so as not to interfere with public accessibility in using information technology services from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights,” said Hermansyah.

On the same occasion, Ka. BSSN Lieutenant General TNI (Ret.) HInsa Siburian in his speech said that cyber space is simply an electronic system connected to information and communication technology and the internet, it is he who builds and shapes cyberspace into a new domain, besides land, sea and air, of course also with space. In cyber space there are opportunities for human welfare and vice versa there are also threats.

“Increasing the use of ICT is directly proportional to its security risks, so organizations must always anticipate cyber threats and attacks through cyber incident management preparedness by forming a Cyber ​​Incident Response Team / CSIRT,” he said.

“Cyber ​​Incident Response Team/CSIRT must be able to answer cyber security challenges by continuing to increase Capabilities and Increase Maturity. Synergy, collaboration, and shared commitment are one of the keys to creating a safe and prosperous cyberspace,” said Ka.BSSN.

Also agreeing, in his remarks the Secretary General of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Komjen Pol Andap Budhi Revianto expressed his gratitude to the Head of BSSN who was present.

“In the future it doesn’t stop there, there are sustainable programs, namely capacity building or various other activities. We are talking about the development of the strategic environment, whether we like it or not, whether we like it or not, the future is already in front of us”.

“We are entering a new chapter, we meet the Cyber ​​War and cyber terrorism with all its implications. Therefore we need to prepare real steps in dealing with this,” he added.

He continued that in facing the progress of the times, of course we have to change the Mind Set and Culture Set which was previously conventional and must be able to quickly adapt to a more modern direction.

“We must always be alert and active in carrying out concrete steps for any indications of cyber attacks,” said the Secretary General.

In this activity, Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto along with all Structural Officials and Staff Elements listened carefully and would continue to make capacity building in order to face the progress of the Rapid Age.

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