Exemplary Employee Appreciation, Head of Muara Enim Herdianto Head of Staff Pinning Ilok Nian’s Employee PIN

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As a form of appreciation for employees who provide the best performance to the organization, Head of Muara Enim Herdianto Headquarters pinned a PIN (Employee Ilok Nian) for the period of May 2022. Located at the Muara Enim Prison Ceremony Field. Tuesday, (14/06/2022).

In his remarks, Head of Muara Enim Headquarters, Herdianto, conveyed congratulations to the employees who won the Ilok Nian Employee Predicate. which has shown the best performance as an exemplary employee and then must be a motivation for other employees to compete with each other to give their best performance.

“Employees who get the PIN Predicate must go through a comprehensive assessment process from the Assessment Team, namely the Structural Officials of the Muara Enim Prison which is then voted on by all other employees, so that the results that appear have been carried out in a Transparent, Accountable and Objective manner,” he explained.

Do not make this embedding activity merely ceremonial, but take the meaning contained, namely Changes in the Mind Set and Culture Set of all Employees, become a necessity that must be practiced in order to realize good Governance,” added Herdianto.

Furthermore, “We are required to continue to increase our capacity and competence as an ASN. Therefore, let’s collaborate and work together for an advanced Muara Enim Prison.

“We are also building an Integrity Zone towards a Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area (WBBM), for that commitment and integrity must always overshadow all of our activities at work,” Herdianto said.

“With us supporting each other, our goals in Bureaucratic Reform, especially in providing excellent public services, will continue to be carried out well,” he said.

Finally, Herdianto called for Enthusiasm to all of his staff to continue to make Muara Enim Prison a work unit with the title of Clean and Serving Bureaucracy Area (WBBM).

It is known that the exemplary employees who received the PIN predicate in the May 2022 period were Rano Anggara (BMN Manager) and Ahmad Febriansyah (Security Team).

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