FABA Magic Turns Concrete to Fertilizer, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Appreciates PLN

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12 June 2022

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) appreciates PT PLN (Persero) in encouraging the use of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash (FABA) materials or solid waste produced from the coal combustion process at steam power plants (PLTU). This initiative is able to turn waste into productive and economic value for the community.

The Director of Electrical Engineering and Environment at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources M. P. Dwi Nugroho and the Coordinator of Environmental Protection for Electricity at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Bayu Nugroho, stated this during a field review of the FABA management of the Ombilin PLTU in two locations in Sawahlunto, West Sumatra. It is known that since 2016, 720 thousand tons of FABA have been used up because they have been successfully utilized for various purposes.

‚ÄúSeveral years ago, at the location of this temporary shelter, you can still see a huge pile of FABA. But today it is empty, it is extraordinary that the efforts made by PLTU Ombilin are able to utilize FABA, “said Dwi.

This case study at PLTU Ombilin also succeeded in proving that FABA has various benefits that are very useful for the environment and society. Such as in the heap of the Tandikek location, which since 2008 has grown abundantly and does not cause health or environmental problems for flora and fauna.

In addition, at ex-mining sites, it is seen that FABA can be used as a backfilling material and as a neutralizer of acid mine drainage. As a result, at this location, it is seen that there is an improvement in the more productive landscape for conservation and reforestation potential.

Manager of the Ombilin Generation Implementation Unit (UPK), Shodiqin, added that apart from being a neutralizing acid mine, FABA has also been used as raw material for paving blocks, bricks, concrete and fertilizer since 2021 as many as 170 tons by cooperating with SMEs around the generating unit in the utilization of these products. the FABA. Where, the products from this FABA waste have been tested by an accredited laboratory.

Seeing the excellent quality of this FABA processed product, PLN UPK Ombilin also took the initiative to conduct simple training in the manufacture of FABA concrete and FABA plaster which can then be given to the wider community.

“Ombilin PLTU continues to innovate in the use of FABA so that it becomes added value. Some time ago, PLTU Ombilin has collaborated with the Polres-Polda around the PLTU to be given training in the form of FABA management, making bricks, making paving, making FABA fertilizer and making FABA concrete, “added Shodiqin.

Not only at the Ombilin PLTU, PLN has also collaborated with the Community Development Corps (Korbinmas) of the National Police Security Maintenance Agency (Baharkam) to hold training on the use of FABA simultaneously at 46 PLTU locations. Throughout 2021, PLN has utilized as much as 1.1 million tons of FABA, with details of internal utilization of 91 thousand tons, and external utilization of 932 thousand tons which are realized into derivative products of FABA.

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