Facing Challenges in the Coal Industry, PTBA President Director Requests Synergy to be Strengthened

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The challenges faced by the coal mining industry in the future will be more severe. The use of fossil energy will be increasingly limited. The coal mining industry must adapt to this situation.

PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) as one of the largest coal producers in Indonesia needs to strengthen the synergy between lines within the company.

This was conveyed by the President Director of PTBA Arsal Ismail at the PTBA Halal Bihalal event at the PTBA Multipurpose Building, Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra on Friday (10/6/2022).

The Halal Bihalal event for PTBA workers was attended by PTBA President Commissioner Agus Suhartono, PTBA Commissioner Piterdono HZ, PTBA Commissioner Andi Pahril Pawi, and the entire board of directors of PTBA.

This is the first offline Halal Bihalal in the last 2 years along with the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme carried is ‘Strengthen Silaturahmi and Strengthen Synergy’.

“Facing the challenges ahead, PTBA needs to strengthen again and increase synergies, because we both know that in the future the challenges will be more difficult and challenging. If this is not carried out with full responsibility and synergy between lines, it is impossible for us to achieve the targets – our target going forward. Limiting fossil energy and the discourse of Net Zero Emissions in 2050 will put pressure on our business prospects in the long term,” said Arsal Ismail.

Despite the many challenges, Arsal invites the workers to be optimistic about them. “In the future, we must be more collaborative, both on the internal side of PTBA and with all our stakeholders so that later what we aspire to, God willing, will be achieved,” he said.

Arsal emphasized that PTBA’s positive achievements so far are the result of joint work. No one should feel great on their own. It is hoped that the workers can put aside their personal ego for the common good.

“If the essence of Halal Bihalal is absorbed by all PTBA personnel, the impact will be very large for us personally and for the corporation. In fact, what PTBA has achieved to date is the hard work of all of us, the result of all of our team work, the result of our commitment all of us. We understand that maybe in carrying out our duties and work at PTBA there is a little friction here and there. In fact, there is no need for grudges, envy because our hearts will always be big to always forgive and by nature we are not perfect, ” the lid.

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