Protecting the Environment, Bukit Asam Builds Botanical Garden on Ex-Mining Land

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Tanjung Enim-sumsel, jurnalfaktanews.com

June 10, 2022,

In order to increase the added value of post-mining land, PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) will build a 17-hectare Botanical Garden. It is hoped that this Botanical Garden can support the community’s economy from the tourism sector. In line with PTBA’s program to make Tanjung Enim a tourist city.

The construction of the Botanical Garden was marked by a tree planting event carried out by the MIND ID Commissioners, PTBA Commissioners, and all PTBA Directors. This tree planting is also carried out in commemoration of World Environment Day 2022.

Also attending the event were MIND ID President Commissioner Doni Monardo, MIND ID Commissioner Ilyas Asaad, MIND ID Commissioner Nicolaus Teguh Budi Harjanto, PTBA Commissioner Piterdono HZ, PTBA President Director Arsal Ismail, PTBA Finance and Risk Management Director Farida Thamrin, Operations Director and Production of PTBA Suhedi, Director of Human Resources PTBA Suherman, and Director of Business Development of PTBA Rafli Yandra.

“The Botanical Garden will later become a tourist destination from ex-mining land that provides added value. This is in line with the Noble Purpose MIND ID and concrete evidence from us that PTBA is not just mining,” said PTBA President Director, Arsal Ismail.

Inside the Botanical Garden, there are archipelago plants that come from all over Indonesia. Consists of several bioregions ranging from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, Java and Bali, Maluku, Lesser Sunda.

“We see that the Botanical Garden supports our goal of making Tanjung Enim a tourist city. We don’t want Tanjung Enim to become a dead city after the mine runs out,” said Arsal.

In order to be developed into a tourist destination, the Botanical Garden will be equipped with various supporting infrastructure such as gates and ticketing, management offices, parking lots, signage, educational buildings, food courts, camping areas, cottages, prayer rooms, public toilets and others that are currently under construction. tender process.

On the same occasion, MIND ID President Commissioner Doni Monardo expressed his appreciation to PTBA which was considered to have implemented Good Mining Practice to minimize environmental damage.

“PTBA is one of the mining companies that cares about environmental aspects. Last year, it even got gold proper status. Hopefully it can continue to be improved,” said Doni.

He advised PTBA not only to do reclamation, but also to develop economically valuable plants on ex-mining lands.

“This must be expanded to tree species that have ecological functions but have economic value. For example, eucalyptus oil. Indonesia still imports hundreds of billions of rupiah of raw material for eucalyptus oil every year,” Doni said.

As a form of concern for the environment, Doni handed over hundreds of plant seeds to be developed on the ex-mining land of PTBA. Among them are Palaka and Torem from Maluku, Pule, and others. There is also a banyan tree whose seeds come from the Presidential Palace. “I asked for the seeds at the Palace. So this is banyan from the Palace,” said Doni.

Furthermore, Doni asked PTBA’s board of directors to maintain the performance that has been achieved. Doni also encouraged the downstreaming of the mining industry to continue to increase the creation of added value in the country.

“We express our deepest appreciation to the PTBA directors who have contributed greatly. PTBA is among those that provide large dividends to the country. We also have a message to always innovate. In the future President Jokowi hopes that downstreaming can provide greater added value,” he said.

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