Zero Halinar, Muara Enim Prison Holds Urine Tests for Employees and Inmates

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As an effort to prevent the eradication of narcotics abuse and illicit trafficking (P4GN), which continues to be carried out to create zero hallucinations.

Furthermore, in order to follow up on the letter from the head of the regional office regarding the submission of the letter from the Director General of PAS requesting a urine test report to ASN and inmates in the South Sumatra Penitentiary UPT.

Muara Enim Prison held urine tests for employees and some inmates. Saturday (04/06/2022).

The activity was attended by structural officials, 10 employees as samples and 50 residents of the Muara Enim prison.

One by one the WBPs were supervised by the Patnal Patrol of the Muara Enim Prison, followed by other employees. Undergoing a urine test.

All the results of the Urine test which were followed by the employees and inmates were declared negative from drugs.

Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto emphasized “if there are employees or inmates who are indicated as positive, it will be handed over to law enforcement officials, for further legal proceedings in accordance with applicable regulations,”

The implementation of this urine test is a form of serious commitment for all officers of the Class IIB Muara Enim Prison in fighting drugs, and creating zero hallucinations.

From the results of the Urine Test, Alhamdulillah, all of them were negative from drugs,” explained Herdianto.

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