Products created by residents of the Muara Enim prison at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Sumatra, are selling well

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Various Products Created by Intensive and Massive Muara Enim Prison Inmates Promoted through various media gave a positive response.

It is proven by the large number of enthusiasts for the products made by the inmates of the Muara Enim Prison.

Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto explained that by prioritizing quality and affordable prices accompanied by intensive promotional activities, it produced positive results. Friday, (03/06/2022).

“The Productive Training Center (BLP) of the Muara Enim Prison which is actively promoting the products created by the inmates has succeeded in selling various kinds of products,” he explained.

“Such as Batik clothes, Batik fabrics, caps, jumputan fabrics, Tanjak, Lehar Al – Qur’an, souvenirs and various other products that are selling well at the Muara Enim (GOOME) Gift Shop,” added Herdianto.

“With so many enthusiasts for this product, BLP Muara Enim Lapas added back the stock of WBP’s work on the GOOME stand,” he added.

Furthermore, BLP Muara Enim Prison also held hearings for the introduction of welding products to various third parties, including the developer of Green City Housing and Griya Revari Indah.

“Products that are promoted are in the form of polishing results by assisted residents such as tables, chairs, trellises, fences, etc.

“The audience received a positive response with the interest of the Developers who are interested in ordering the Welding Results of the Inmates”.

“Hopefully, the large number of product enthusiasts can provide their own motivation for the Fostered Residents to continue working so that in the end it becomes a provision to change into a better and independent person,” said Herdianto.

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