1OO Percent Profit PT. BA Spreads Rp.7.9 Trillion as Dividend

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Jakarta, journalfactnews.com

PT Bukit Asam Tbk together with members of the Mining BUMN Holding MIND ID, held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for Fiscal Year 2O21 in Jakarta, Tuesday (24/05/2022).

In the GMS, shareholders approved the use of 1OO percent of the Company’s net profit in 2021 amounting to Rp.7.9 trillion as dividends.

In addition to the determination of net profit, through this GMS the Annual Report was also approved; the ratification of the Company’s Consolidated Financial Statements; approval of the Supervisory Report of the Board of Commissioners; the ratification of the Financial Annual Report and the Implementation of the Company’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Program for the 2021 Financial Year; stipulation of bonuses for the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of the Company for Fiscal Year 2021 and salary/honorarium along with facilities and allowances for Fiscal Year 2022; approval of the appointment of a Public Accounting Firm to audit the Company’s Financial Statements and the Micro and Small Business Funding Program for the 2022 Financial Year; and approval of amendments to the Company’s Articles of Association.

In this GMS, the shareholders also agreed that there was no proposed change in the composition of the Company’s management.

Company Performance
In 2021, PT. BA recorded a positive performance from an operational and financial perspective. The Company’s coal production reached 30.0 million tons, with rail transportation of 25.4 million tons and coal sales of 28.4 million tons. Meanwhile, revenue reached Rp29.3 trillion with a net profit of Rp7.9 trillion. This net profit is also the highest net profit achievement in the history of the Company’s operations.

PT. BA also succeeded in transferring treasury shares totaling Rp3O3,148,1OO shares at a price of Rp2,280 per share with the funds received by the Company excluding the transfer fee of Rp691,177,668.OOO.

In addition, PT. BA won 46 prestigious awards throughout 2021. Several awards include the Gold Category Award for Company Performance Ratings in Environmental Management (PROPER), SG Championship Award in Corporate Governance Reporting and 3G ESG Championship Award, as well as the Climate Village Program (Proklim) award. .

Coal Gasification Development Project Progress
The issuance of Presidential Decree 1O9 of 2020 which was signed on 17 November 2O2O by President Joko Widodo, made 2 (two) PTBA projects included in the PSN (National Strategic Projects). One of them is the Downstream Coal Gasification in Tanjung Enim.

This National Strategic Project will be carried out for 20 years, by bringing in foreign investment from APCI of USD 2.3 billion or equivalent to Rp. 32.9 trillion. With the utilization of 6 million tons of coal per year, this project can generate 1.4 million DEE per year to reduce LPG imports by 1 million tons per year.

SumseI-8 Mine Mouth Power Plant
The SumseI-8 Mine Mouth Power Plant with a capacity of 2×62 MW is a strategic project of PTBA with a value of US$ 1.68 billion. This PLTU is part of the project
35 thousand MW and built by PTBA through PT Huadian Bukit Asam Power (PT HBAP) as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

PT HBAP is a consortium between PT. BA with China Huadian Hongkong Company Ltd. The progress of the PLTU project development which will require 5.4 million tons of coal per year has reached a construction completion of 95% by the end of December 2021. The power plant is expected to be fully operational commercially in 2022.

PLTU Sumsel 8 utilizes PLTU technology that is friendly to supercritical coverage. The PLTU also applies flue gas desulfurization (FGD) technology which has the function of minimizing sulfur dioxide (SO2) from exhaust emissions from the power plant.

PLTS Development
The company’s business expansion into the new and renewable energy sector is also starting to roll. One form of development is PLTS at Soekarno Hatta Airport in collaboration with PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero). The PLTS consists of 720 solar panel systems with photovoltaics with a maximum capacity of 241 kilowatt-peak (kWp) and is installed in the Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC) Building. PLTS is fully operational on October 1, 2020.

The Company is currently also developing PLTS in the Company’s post-mining areas, namely:
1) PLTS in Tanjung Enim with a capacity of up to 200 MW and a total area of ​​224 Ha;
2) PLTS in Ombilin with a capacity of up to 200 MW and a total area of ​​201 Ha;
3) PLTS in Bantuas, East Kalimantan with a capacity of up to 200 MW.

In addition, PT. BA and PT Jasa Marpa (Persero) Tbk are also currently exploring the potential for cooperation in developing solar power plants (PLTS) on the Jasa Marpa Group toll road, which is marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (Memorandum of L/nC/erstanding/MoU) on February 2 2022.

Coal Transport Project
PT. BA in collaboration with PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) developed a railroad coal transportation project with a capacity of 72 million tons / year in 2026 which consists of:
• New path development
Development of coal transportation of Tanjung Enim – Keramasan relation with a capacity of 20 million tons/year which was built by PT KAI (Dermaga) and PT. BA, (Train Loading System and Coal Handling Facility) is planned to operate in the fourth quarter of 2024. In addition, coal transportation to Perajen Jetty is also developed with a carrying capacity of 20 million tons/year and is planned to operate in the third quarter of 2026.

• Development of existing facilities
1. Tanjung Enim – North Direction: Kertapati Pier, increasing the capacity of the existing line from 5 million tons to 7 million tons and has been completed in 2021.
2. Tanjung Enim — South Direction: Tarahan-1, increasing the capacity of the existing line from 21.4 million tons to 25 million tons and has been completed in 2021.

Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL)
In 2021, PT. BA has disbursed funds for micro and small enterprises (UMK) of IDR 5.5 billion aimed at the trade, services, fisheries, industry and plantation sectors. A total of 127 partners were registered as newly fostered MSEs and 240 partners succeeded in becoming promoted MSEs.

Not only that, PT. BA also distributed social and environmental responsibility funds (TJSL) of Rp166.2 billion. This fund is intended for several pillars, namely social Rp9O.2 billion, economic Rp29.9 billion, environment Rp31.9 billion, and law and governance Rp14.2 billion.

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