Muara Enim Prison officers invite the inmates to exercise together

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Muara Enim prison officers together with correctional inmates (WBP) do gymnastics together in the Muara Enim prison field, Thursday (12/5/2022).

In the joint gymnastics activity, Kasiminkamtib Agusnadi was accompanied by the General Manager, Ari Septemi, who directly monitored the gymnastics activities with the inmates.

Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto through Kasiminkamtib Agusnadi said that routine morning exercises were carried out in order to raise awareness of the importance of living a healthy and fit life.

“This activity is also part of the Social Reintegration process for the inmates,” added Agusnadi.

“Health and physical fitness that are maintained can make the mind more fresh, indirectly will also make a person’s soul able to focus on all his activities,” said Agusnadi.

“This exercise is a very good program and is beneficial for the health of our bodies. Therefore, we must move our bodies so that they are not stiff,” he said.

“Not only gymnastics together, in this activity the assisted residents get direction and motivation from the officers,” continued Agusnadi.

“So that in undergoing coaching, they can follow all coaching programs well and in the end are expected to be good individuals when they are free,” said Agusnadi.

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