Happy to Celebrate Eid, 505 Inmates of Muara Enim Prison Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) South Sumatra Receive Remission

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Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H was happily welcomed by all residents of the inmates of the Muara Enim Prison.

On this day of victory, Muara Enim Prison held a joint Eid prayer, at the Al-Muzakkir mosque, Muara Enim prison, which was attended directly by the Head of Muara Enim Herdianto and his staff and 144 other inmates filled the mosque.

Also present were Kasibinadik Taufik, Kasiminkamtib Agusnadi, Ka. KPLP Ressy Setiawan, Head of Regional Security Administration Agency Akbar Guntara and Head of Security Subsidy Kiki Chandra and other officers.

As for acting as the Imam of Eid Prayer this time, Ustadz Ramdani.

In his speech, Head of Muara Enim Herdianto said Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H, Minal Aidin Walfaizin Sorry to be born and in the heart.

Reading out the remarks Minister Herdianto said that in 2022, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights issued Minister of Law and Human Rights No. 07 of 2022 concerning the Second Amendment to Permenkumham No. 03 of 2018 concerning Terms and Procedures for Granting Remissions, Assimilation, CMK, PB, CMB and CB.

“In granting remission the most basic substantive requirements are good behavior while serving a sentence and following the established coaching program. This is recorded in the Prisoners Development Assessment System (SPPN),” said Herdianto.

Herdianto invites all inmates to consistently play an active role in participating in all forms of coaching programs.

To the inmates who get special remissions that are free, I congratulate and remind you to continue to increase your faith and devotion to God Almighty.

At the end of the Muara Enim Headquarters activity, Herdianto symbolically gave the Special Remission for the Holidays to the inmates.

On this year’s Eid al-Fitr, 505 inmates of the Muara Enim Prison received remissions.

The 505 inmates consisted of 497 male prisoners and 8 female prisoners.

The details of the remission this time are for the RK I (partial reduction) totaling 503 prisoners consisting of 132 people for 15 days remission, 304 people for 1 month remission, 53 people for 15 days of 1 month remission and 14 people for 2 months remission.

Furthermore, Herdianto explained that for those who received RK II (immediately free) there were 3 prisoners.

Activities run Safely and orderly in the atmosphere of emotion.

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