Muara Enim Prison Empowers Its Inmates in Car and Motorcycle Wash Entrepreneurs

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Muaraenim-sumsel, journalfactnews.com

The provision of self-reliance development programs is an opportunity for the inmates to gain new skills.

This time, Muara Enim Prison empowers its fostered residents in entrepreneurship for Car Wash and Motorcycles at Lanim Carwash. Wednesday, (13/04/2022).

Lanim Carwash is located right beside Muara Enim Prison, where several inmates of Muara Enim Prison are empowered to wash cars and motorbikes at Lanim Carwash.

One of the assisted residents who were empowered at Asteda Carwash, Sutang admitted that he had received briefings.

“Obviously happy because I can get New Skills,” he said.

Another inmate, Andy said this would be an important asset after being released or after serving his sentence.

“Alhamdulillah, I have had experience. And when I am free, I hope to be able to continue,” he explained.

Head of the Head of Muara Enim Village, Herdianto, explained that the assisted residents were empowered as provisions after being released later.

“This is an activity for the independence of the inmates, so that when they are released they will have the skills,” he said.

Herdianto added that those who have been empowered at the Carwash Lanim themselves have been selected, and the conditions include good behavior while serving their sentence, and have also passed half their sentence.

Lanim Carwash itself is open from morning to evening every day, and the rates are very friendly, namely motorbikes, only Rp. 10 thousand and cars 30 thousand.

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