Even though it is the Holy Month of Ramadan, Tanjung Enim Koramil 404-05 intensively carries out vaccinations

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Kodim 404 Muara Enim through Koramil 404-05 Tanjung Enim is active in the invasion of Conovax Dose 1, 2 and Booster vaccines to support government programs in order to increase the group immunity (heard immunity) of the people of Tanjung Enim, Lawang Kidul District, Muara Enim Regency. Tuesday (12/04/2022).

This was conveyed by the Military District Commander (Danramil) 404-05 Tanjung Enim Kapt. czi. Sujarwo said “this activity is a government program that we must succeed in,” he said.

This activity is a collaboration between the Tanjung Enim Koramil 404-05 and the Muara Enim Army Health Service Hospital (DKT).

Sujarwo also hopes that “the public will be able to participate in the vaccination that we held in Tanjung Enim to suppress the spread of COVID-19 in the Koramil 404-05 Tanjung Enim work area,” he hoped.

Asni Siham (72) RT3 RW 02 Duta Enim, one of the residents who participated in the vaccination, said, “I followed the 3rd dose of vaccine (Booster) and wanted to be healthy and there would be no impact from this vaccine,” he said.

I also hope that “with the community participating in this vaccine, they will be healthy so that Covid-19 ends so that they can carry out their normal activities again,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, Suwandri as the head of RW 02 West Region Tanjung Enim Village also said “the community is very enthusiastic to visit this vaccine site to participate in the vaccination carried out by the Tanjung Enim Koramil 404-05,” he concluded.

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