Blessings of Ramadan, Muara Enim Prison Shares Takjil

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Competing – Contest to spread Kindness (Fastabiqul Khairat) is a priority for all Muslims in inspiring the Holy Month of Ramadan.

This blessed month is a Momentum that the whole family of the Class IIB Muara Enim Penitentiary does not want to miss in spreading Kindness and Caring for others by sharing Takjil to the Community. Friday, (08/04/2022).

At least 100 takjil packages were distributed to the public, which contained wrapped rice, dates, banana compote, bottled mineral water and masks produced by the residents of the Muara Enim prison.

The activity starts at 15.00 WIB until the end.

Head of Muara Enim Herdianto, who led the activity, said that this Takjil Sharing Activity is a form of our endeavor to spread kindness to others.

“Furthermore, this activity is an initiation from the Head of the South Sumatra Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office, Mr. Harun Sulianto, who wants the entire South Sumatra Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office to hold the distribution of Takjil to the community,” said Herdianto.

According to him, this blessed activity provides a lesson for us that by sharing with each other, it will be a strength for us to get the Grace and Ridho of Allah SWT.

“What is shared is part of caring for others and paying attention to the community who are carrying out fasting worship, besides introducing the work of the residents of the Muara Enim prison,” he added.

“Hopefully this Takjil Sharing activity will be a blessing for all of us in reaching the pleasure of Allah SWT,” closed Herdianto.

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