PLN recommends the use of induction cookers in household kitchens because they are safer, more practical, efficient and more comfortable.

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Jakarta, 05 April 2022, journalfactnews.com

PT PLN (Persero) is committed to supporting the transition of imported to domestic energy through the use of induction electric stoves in order to create national energy independence.
The use of induction cookers has various advantages and benefits that can be felt by the community and the state.

“PLN highly recommends the use of induction cookers in household kitchens because they are safer, easier and more efficient,” said Agung Murdifi, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications and CSR at PLN.

Agung also mentioned a number of advantages of using an induction stove, the first being that it is more practical because electric stove users do not need to exchange LPG cylinders when they run out.

Agung explained that this stove works when the cooking utensils are placed on the stove, then an alternating electric current is passed from inside the stove body through a coil of wire. The heat generated is directly channeled into the cooking utensils, so that when it comes into contact with body parts it does not feel hot and is relatively safe and the cooking time is also faster because induction cookers allow a more even distribution of heat than gas stoves, thus saving time.

The next advantage of the induction cooker is that it is safer, the stove does not cause fire and smoke so the risk of causing a fire is much smaller, besides that there is also no potential for explosion due to fuel.

“Induction stoves that are without fire and smoke are also healthier for users because they do not produce emissions, besides that they are also friendly to children because they are safer,” said Agung.

In terms of use, induction cookers are also cheaper than LPG stoves. The trial results show that an average small household consumes 11.4 kg of subsidized LPG at a cost of Rp. 79,400 per month after being subsidized by the government of Rp. 125,400, so the total cost needed to cook using LPG reaches Rp. 204,800 per month.

While the costs needed to cook using an induction cooker are as follows, the price of electricity without subsidies is Rp. 1,444.7 while the electricity requirement per month is 82 kWh, so the cost required to cook per month using an induction cooker without subsidies is Rp. 118,465. savings of around IDR 86,335 per month.

“The faster cooking time will make the electric stove more energy efficient than gas,” said Agung.

Not only users who benefit, the state also gets savings on subsidies and imports if people switch to using induction cookers. According to PLN’s study, the conversion of 300 thousand users per year will save LPG subsidies of around Rp. 450 billion and reduce the cost of importing LPG by Rp. 220 billion.

“If you switch to using an induction cooker, Indonesia will also be energy independent because you don’t have to depend on imports. So far, most of the energy supply for LPG is imported,” he added.

PLN has also made a number of efforts to foster public interest in switching to induction stoves, namely providing a special price for added power of only Rp. 150 thousand through the Induction Stove Comfort program for customers who buy induction cookers through partners who have cooperation with PLN.

PLN also has an Extra Power service product, which is an additional package of power capacity for new homes. Customers only need to pay a 900 VA power connection fee and get a power capacity of 2,200 VA if they are equipped with an Induction cooker complete with cooking utensils. This program is carried out in collaboration with BUMN Karya and property companies.

“PLN’s service products for the induction cooker package are part of the import-to-domestic energy conversion program plan. This step will contribute to strengthening sustainable economic growth,” added Agung.

*Enjoy the Benefits of an Induction Cooker*

Induction stoves have also been used in all sectors, from household to commercial, Kalukulolo Cafe, in Toli-Toli, Central Sulawesi, for example. Imran, the cafe owner, said that his place of business had abandoned LPG-fueled stoves and switched to using induction stoves to support their operational needs.

Imran said that at first he switched to using an induction stove to match the contemporary cafe concept design. But over time, Imran also felt another advantage.

“The shape of the induction cooker is contemporary, in accordance with our cafe concept. It turns out that it is also cleaner than gas stoves,” said Imran.

He admits that he saves more on energy operational costs when using an induction cooker. In addition, the cooking time also becomes faster because the heat generated is optimal.

According to Imran, after using an induction cooker, there is no longer a worry about running out of fuel while cooking, because PLN always provides reliable electrical energy optimally.

He continued, using an induction stove is also much safer because there is no risk of gas leaks that can trigger fires, making it more comfortable to carry out business activities.

“Induction stoves are also simpler, because we often participate in events outside the cafe, we don’t have to bother lifting gas cylinders anymore,” he said.

Overview of PLN ;
PT PLN (Persero) is a state-owned electricity company that continues to commit and innovate to carry out a great mission to illuminate and move the country. Having a vision to become the leading electricity company in Southeast Asia, PLN is moving to become the customer’s number 1 choice for Energy Solutions. PLN carries the Transformation agenda with the aspirations of Green, Lean, Innovative, and Customer Focused to bring electricity for a better life. PLN can be contacted through the PLN Mobile application available on the PlayStore.

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