Bukit Asam Wins Three Awards in Digitech Award 2022

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PT Bukit Asam Tbk managed to win three awards in the Digitech Award 2022 which was held at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/03/2022).

These awards include The Best Digital Technology Project in Natural Resources Industries, The Best Digital Transformation in Natural Resources Industries, and The Best CEO for Corporate Digital Transformation.

This award is given as an appreciation for Bukit Asam’s success in carrying out digital transformation in a sustainable manner.

One of the technological innovations that has been implemented by the company is the development of a one stop application in the form of web and mobile under the name CISEA (Corporate Information System and Enterprise Applications). Having a long supply chain process and involving various work units, CISEA supports the company’s business processes to be more efficient and effective.

Carrying the theme “Embracing Digital Economy with Corporate Digital Risk & Governance”, the Digitech Award 2022 is held as a valuable appreciation and recognition for business and service corporate agencies that are considered successful in digital innovation and technology implementation, both in management systems and customer service.

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