The Lawang Kidul Sub-District Head Enthusiastically To Participate in Regional Songs Accompanied by Single Guitar.

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The art of single guitar which is now almost faded by other cultures, but not with Kartini, who has been singing regional songs from Muara Enim or the Lahat area for a long time, Kartini also often appears at events, both wedding receptions and commemoration of major holidays, during the month Ramadan, he will always perform at the Siba Center, Lingga Village, Lawang Kidul District, Muara Enim Regency. Monday (04/04/2022).

In the current monitoring of the media crew in Tanjung Enim, the figure of a housewife appears who has long been an expert in strumming the single guitar, and has now begun to transfer her skills to teenagers, and now a solo guitar art culture studio has been formed.

This was conveyed by Kartini on the sidelines of her song at the Siba Center saying “I have been happy with this song or playing guitar for a long time,” he said.

“I want someone to be able to continue this solo guitar art, thank God, now there are those who are interested in learning at my studio, about 12 people have studied, a solo guitar art culture studio,” he explained.

Enthusiastically, the Lawang Kidul sub-district head sang the folk song Muara Enim with the singer as well as the single guitar picker.

When greeted and asked by the Lawang Kidul sub-district head Andrille Martin, he casually said, “I sing this folk song to entertain traders and culinary buyers at the Ramadan market which was held at the Siba Center Bukit Asam, Lingga Village,” he said.

Andrille said, “I want to give support and support so that this single guitar art can be preserved as a national culture,” he explained.

He continued, “especially now that there is a single guitar art studio, with this forum it can be developed through its patronage and can be preserved,” hoped Andrille.

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