Happy Ramadhan 1443 H, Inmates of Muara Enim Prison Tadarusan Al-Quran

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All Muslims rejoice in welcoming the holy month of Ramadan 1443 H. The inmates of Muara Enim Prison are no exception who rejoice in the arrival of this month of Ramadan.

That joy became the motivation for the inmates of the Muara Enim Prison to compete in goodness (Fastabiqul Khairat). Every day during this Holy Month of Ramadan, the inmates carry out Tadarus Al-Quran at the Al-Muzakkir Mosque, Muara Enim Prison. Monday, (04/04/2022).

Today, a total of 52 assisted residents carried out Tadarus Al-Qur’an which was guided directly by Ust. Firmanzah, an extension worker at the Muara Enim Ministry of Religion.

Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto said that the Tadarus Al-Qur’an activity is a routine activity carried out by the inmates who are members of the Al Istiqomah Islamic Boarding School Program.

“In this month of Ramadan, Tadarusan Al-Qur’an activities are more intensive. The assisted residents seem excited to be able to Khatam Al-Qur’an,” added Herdianto.

Herdianto added that this Tadarusan Activity is part of the Personality Development given to the inmates.

“Hopefully they can take the wisdom and become a better person,” concluded Herdianto.

One of the inmates of Muara Enim Prison, Dimas (35) said that we had many positive activities in Muara Enim Prison.

” We carry out Tadarus Al – Qur’an in one day and can finish one juice ” explained Dimas.

“Hopefully we can continue to Istiqomah changing into a better person than before” Please Dimas.

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