Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto Headquarters participates in Coordination Meeting for Continuing Learning System Formation for children outside LPKA

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Head of the Class IIB Penitentiary, Muara Enim Herdianto, participated in the Coordination Meeting for the Establishment of a Continuous Learning System for Children Outside LPKA. Located at Aston Kartika Grogol Hotel Jl. Kyai Tapa No. 101 West Jakarta. DKI Jakarta. Wednesday, (30/03/2022).

The activity, which lasted for 3 days, starting from March 30 – April 01, 2022, was opened directly by the Director of Community Development and Child Alleviation at the Directorate General of Corrections, Pujo Harianto.

In her speech, Pujo Harianto said that children under 18 years old and currently in LPKA are required to participate in a national priority program, namely the continuous learning system for children in conflict with the law (ABH).

“Fulfilling the rights of correctional students, one of which is to get a proper education at LPKA in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution that every citizen has the right to a proper education.” he said.

“One of the ongoing program developments at LPKA is independent schools for students who administratively do not meet the requirements to register in formal schools, so they are obliged to attend independent schools in the form of pursuing packages and studios for learning activities.” Pujo said.

In the same place, Head of Muara Enim Herdianto when confirmed said that the Continuous Learning System for Children Outside LPKA is important to be implemented in a concrete way, therefore strategic steps are needed to fulfill the Rights of Correctional Students as stipulated in the 1945 Constitution that every citizen entitled to a proper education.

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