Series of 58th Anniversary of HBP, Muara Enim Prison Again Gives Bosster Vaccine to 400 inmates

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Still in the series of the 58th Anniversary of Correctional Service Day (HBP), the Class IIB Muara Enim Penitentiary again held the 3rd Dose of Covid-19 Vaccination (Boster) for 400 inmates in collaboration with the Muara Regency State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Enim and Muara Enim District Health Office. Tuesday, (29/03/2022).

Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto through Kasiminkamtib Agusnadi said the implementation of booster vaccination is one of a series of activities in commemoration of the 58th Correctional Service Day (HBP) in 2022.

“Thank you to the Muara Enim Regency Regional BIN and the Muara Enim Health Service who supported the implementation of Bosster Vaccination at Muara Enim Prison,” he said.

Agusnadi continued that today 400 assisted residents received the Bosster Vaccination. However, there are also those who get the 2nd dose of vaccine.

“Through many positive activities that were held, one of which was the provision of vaccinations, it indicated that the commemoration of the Correctional Service Day was not only the pride of the correctional personnel, but through a series of activities to commemorate the HBP, it was also beneficial for the community. CHARACTERISTICS Create an Advanced Indonesia,” said Agusnadi.

In the same place, the Head of BINDA Muara Enim, Captain. inf. Feri Tuispani, SH gave his appreciation to Muara Enim Prison which held the Covid-19 Vaccination.

“We are ready to support Muara Enim Prison in the context of Accelerating the Covid-19 Vaccination and maybe in the future we can work together in other matters,” said Feri.

Before starting the Vaccine Administration, Head of Muara Enim Headquarters through Kasiminkamtib Agusnadi accompanied by Head of Binadik Taufik gave souvenirs made by the inmates in the form of Batik Caps and Batik Shirts to BINDA Muara Enim.

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