Correctional Officers of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Sumatra Donate 221 Blood Bags

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The Head of the Correctional Division of the South Sumatra Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office, Bambang Haryanto, Friday (25/3) said that as many as 221 correctional officers from 19 technical implementing units (UPT) of the South Sumatra Ministry of Law and Human Rights on Thursday donated blood at the local PMI. The 19 UPTs are Palembang Class I Prison, LPKA Palembang, Palembang Women’s Prison, Muara Beliti Narcotics Prison, Lahat Lapas, Tanjung Raja Prison, Sekayu Prison, Muara Enim Prison, Banyuasin Narcotics Prison, Kayuagung Prison, Muaradua Prison, Empat Lawang Prison. , Pagaralam Prison, Detention Center Palembang, Rutan Baturaja, Rutan Prabumulih, Rupbasan Palembang, Rupbasan Baturaja, and Prison Lahat.

The blood donation is in commemoration of the 58th Correctional Service Day (HBP) which will be commemorated on April 27.

According to Kadivpas Bambang, not only officers but as many as 64 Prisoners (WBP) also donated their blood. In addition to blood donation, there are 16 activities that will be carried out both virtual and direct (with strict procedures) namely the HBP Logo and Slogan Contest, Vlog Contest, Short Film, Public Service Innovation Contest, One Day One Prison Product, WBP Sports and Arts Week.

In addition there are Ramadhan Safari, Correctional IT Webinar, Flower Sowing at Heroes Cemetery, Social Service, Correctional Clean-up, Covid-19 Booster Vaccination for Prisoners and WBP, MSME Business Support, Thanksgiving, and closed with the HBP Peak Ceremony on 27 April 2022.

The Head of the Regional Office of the South Sumatra Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Harun Sulianto, said that his party asked the South Sumatra Ministry of Law and Human Rights correctional officers to always prevent and eradicate the illicit trafficking of narcotics, illegal cellphones and extortion. Then carry out early detection of potential security and security threats in prisons and detention centers and synergize with law enforcement officers.

According to the Regional Head of Regional Office, Harun, the correctional task is so that WBP realizes their mistakes, improves themselves, doesn’t violate the law anymore, becomes active and productive citizens during and after serving a sentence.

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