1st Birthday Brigif 8/Garuda Cakti 2022_ Holds Social Service

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Rejang Lebong-Bengkulu, jurnalfaktanews.com

Social Service in the framework of the 1st Anniversary of Brigif 8/Garuda Cakti in 2022_ Distribute 300 package packages for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and toddlers to 3 sub-districts of Kab. Rejang Lebong at Mako Brigif 8/Garuda Cakti Kec. Padang Ulak Tanding Kab. Rejang Lebong Prov. Bengkulu.

Padang Ulak Tanding, Brigif 8/GC – Infantry Brigade (Brigif) 8/Garuda Cakti in Padang Ulak Tanding District, Rejang Lebong Regency (RL), Thursday (24/03) morning held a Social Service in the form of distributing parcels containing vitamin packages , health protection packages (masks and hand sanitizers) as well as milk for pregnant women, nursing mothers and toddlers in the target area.

Commander of Brigif 8/Garuda Cakti, Colonel Inf. Andar Dodianto Panggabean, S.I.P. In his speech, he said that this time’s social service in commemoration of the 1st Anniversary of Brigif 8/GC which fell on March 31, was carried out differently than usual. In addition to Karya Bakti, the goal of Social Service this time is carried out as a form of participation and intervention in preventing and overcoming the problem of Stunting (Short Toddlers) that still exist in the surrounding area.

Based on information from the Rejang Lebong District Health Office, it is known that the prevalence of stunting is 20 percent, where stunting in children depends on the health and nutritional conditions of the mother during pregnancy and the nutritional status of children obtained from birth through mother’s milk.

In line with this goal, Brigif hopes to participate in the welfare of the people in accordance with the direction of the Army Chief of Staff, where the TNI is obliged to participate in helping the difficulties of the people around it in the hope that the next generation of the nation can become stronger, stronger and smarter so that they can advance to compete on the national arena. as well as Global.

In the future, we will continue to work together to establish communication, friendship and synergy in activities to support regional government and other joint activities that can overcome people’s difficulties and prosper the people,” he said.

This Social Service activity received a very positive response through the enthusiasm of the community, especially pregnant and lactating mothers. The Commander of the 8th Infantry Brigade/Garuda Cakti expressed his gratitude to the Health Service, District, and community leaders who supported this activity.

On the same occasion, the community was very grateful and felt helped through this Brigif activity, because the community received extraordinary attention from the TNI, made their area safe, there was mutual cooperation, community service, received parcel packages to support health and the community hoped that Brigif would be more successful. at the age of 1 year.


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