Muara Enim Prison Collaborates with Serasan Muara Enim Legal Aid Institute & Serasan Muara Enim College of Law to Provide Legal Counseling to Inmates

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The Class IIB Muara Enim Penitentiary in collaboration with the Serasan Muara Enim Legal Aid Bureau and the Serasan Muara Enim College of Law (STIH) provided Legal Counseling for Correctional Inmates (WBP). Friday, (25/03/2022).

Starting the activities of Head of Head of Muara Enim, Herdianto, through Kasibinadik, Taufik, was accompanied by Head of Sub-Division of Regbimkemas, Akbar Guntara, who opened Legal Counseling.

“The legal counseling provided is a form of commitment to the Muara Enim Prison in fulfilling the rights of the inmates. This is also in order to increase the legal awareness of the nation and state for all of us,” said Taufik.

Taufik explained, there were 30 assisted residents who were included in the counseling. Most of them are inmates who are still new prisoners or have not made a permanent legal decision (inkracht).

Taufik urges all participants to be active in this activity, because there will be a lot of information, especially regarding regulations, laws and legal aid.

Furthermore, Taufik appreciated LBH Serasan Muara Enim and STIH Serasan Muara Enim who supported Muara Enim Prison in fulfilling the rights of inmates, one of which was getting legal counseling.

This legal counseling discusses about legal aid services that can be obtained by inmates as prisoners during the legal process. Where when inmates are still in detention status, they deserve their rights to be accompanied during the legal process from beginning to end so that those who were previously blind to the law understand and are helped by legal assistance or assistance.

Also on this occasion, the Chairperson of the Legal Aid Bureau Serasan Muara Enim, Welly Hartoni, SH expressed his gratitude for holding this legal counseling event. As a Legal Aid Institute, we have opened a POSBAKUM representative office in Muara Enim Prison, so that if there are prisoners who want to consult and request assistance or legal assistance from us, we can fulfill them, “said Welly.

Meanwhile, one of the STIH students, Serasan Muara Enim, Rino Hantoro, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Muara Enim Prison for providing the opportunity for us to participate in providing legal counseling to the inmates.

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