Strengthening Synergy, Head of Muara Enim Head of Village Herdianto Visits Muara Enim Police Chief

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In order to strengthen the Synergy between Law Enforcement Officials (APH), Muara Enim Head of Headquarters, Herdianto, accompanied by Head of KPLP Ressy Setiawan and Kasiminkamtib Agusnadi visited the Muara Enim Resort Police. Wednesday, (23/03/2022).

Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto and his staff were welcomed directly by the Head of Muara Enim Police, AKBP. Aris Rusdiyanto, SIK, M.Sc.

During his visit, Herdianto in particular was with the Head of the Muara Enim Police, AKBP. Aris Rusdiyanti discussed synergy in strengthening security at Muara Enim Prison.

Herdianto expressed his gratitude for the synergy and collaboration that has been going well so far.

According to him, the Muara Enim Police have so far supported Muara Enim Prison, especially in terms of creating security in the prison. Such as the Sambang Point activity from the Muara Enim Police which is carried out routinely.

“Not only that, the Muara Enim Police also supports Muara Enim Prison in providing Covid-19 vaccinations for the inmates. Of course this is a good synergy.” Herdianto said.

In the same place, Muara Enim Police Chief AKBP. Aris Rusdiyanto said that it is our obligation to create a sense of security in the community, especially in the prison environment, it is certainly one of our priorities.

“Muara Enim Police will continue to provide support to Muara Enim Prison in creating safe and conducive conditions,” said the Chief of Police.

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