Djoko Mulyono GM PT PLN UIK Sumbagsel Together with Andrelli Martin SE Head of Lawang Kidul District Attended the Groundbreaking of the PLN YBM Home Renovation program (Persero)

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The housing renovation assistance program using Fly Ash Bottom Ash (FABA) was carried out simultaneously in 5 PLTU locations in Sumatra, which is a program of the Baitul Mal Foundation (YBM) of the PLN Sumbagsel Main Unit (PLTU Bukit Asam, Muara Enim, South Sumatra, 5 PLTUs in Sumatra, PLTU) Bukit Muara enim, South Sumatra, PLTU Ombilin Sawah Lunto, PLTU Sembalang Lmpung, PLTU Teluk Sirih Padang, PLTU Tarahan Lampung) repair of habitable houses and food assistance for the community, Home Remedial activities took place at Mrs. Nursani’s house, RT 1 Hamlet 5 Lingga Village, Lawang Kidul District Regency. Muara Enim. Tuesday 22-03-2022.

This was conveyed by the GM PLTU for South Sumatra generation, Joko Mulyono, who said that this activity was the initial program of the YBM PLN (Persero) main unit for the South Sumatran generation. and can be occupied by Mrs. Nursani,” he explained.

Djoko Mulyono also said, “This fund is a contribution from infaq, sodaqoh for the employees of the PLTU generation and today we are carrying out renovations for habitable houses carried out simultaneously in 5 locations in South Sumatra (PLTU Bukit Asam in Muara Enim, South Sumatra, PLTU Ombilin Sawah Lunto, West Sumatra, PLTU Sembalang Lampung). PLTU Teluk Sirih Padang, PLTU Tarahan Lampung,” he said.

Then he said, “the renovation of a livable house whose material we use comes from the Bukit Asam PLTU FABA and currently FABA is no longer included in the B3 Waste category, based on PP No. 22 of 2021, then FABA is classified as Non-B3 Waste, so it can be used as material. for buildings, both infrastructure, fertilizers and also blocks or paping blocks,” he said.

Head of DLH Muara Enim Ir. Kurmin, MSi said, “Currently, FABA is no longer B3 waste, it is a material that can be processed for building materials to be used for making blocks or paving blocks,” he said.

He continued, “FABA is also a business development that can generate economic returns either through cooperatives or SMEs that are around,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Lawang Kidul Sub-district Head Andrille Martin, SE hopes that “the beneficiaries of this house renovation” Mrs. Nursani” can take advantage of this assistance so that it becomes a cool house for its residents,” he hoped.

He said “the PLTU program is not only from infaq and sodaqoh from employees, but also through CSR so that it can be developed for other assistance,” he said.

“Thanks to PLTU Bukit Asam Tanjung Enim for dissecting my residents’ houses, hopefully PLN will continue to grow and remain victorious so that it can provide benefits to the people who are in Ring 1 of PLTU Bukit Asam,” hoped Andrille.

Present at this event, GM PLTU Joko Mulyono, PLTU Bukit Asam manager Ica Anjas, Kadin for the Environment of Muara Enin Kurmin, Lawang Kidul sub-district head Andrille Martin, Lapolsek Lawang Kidul represented by Situmpul, Danramil 404-05 Tanjung Enim Syahril Amin, Village Head Lingga Hisri , Head of BPD H. Attendman, Kadus V Aprian (Dona) and Head of RT and other invitees.

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