Take care of your immune system, Head of the Penitentiary Division (KADIVPAS) Ministry of Law and Human Rights (KEMENKUMHAM) South Sumatra Joint Sports at the Muara Enim Penitentiary

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Head of the Correctional Division of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, South Sumatra, Bambang Haryanto, on the sidelines of his busy work visit to Muara Enim Prison, took time to do tennis together as an effort to maintain fitness and body immunity. Thursday (17/03/2022).

During his visit, the Head of the Correctional Division of the South Sumatra Regional Office, Bambang Haryanto, was greeted directly by the Head of Muara Enim Headquarters, Herdianto and his staff.

Bambang, who has just served as Kadivpas, the South Sumatra Ministry of Law and Human Rights, looked enthusiastic in the tennis match.

During his visit this time, it was known that tomorrow (Friday, 18/03/2022) Bambang and his team will carry out Monitoring and Strengthening of Duties and Functions to all officers of the Muara Enim Prison.

As for the activity, besides aiming to maintain physical fitness, it is also to strengthen good Emotional Relationships.


The event was fun and still in accordance with health procedures. After the match, Kadivpas Bambang Haryanto received a report from the Head of Muara Enim Herdianto regarding the progress and improvements that were being made for the better Muara Enim Prison.

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