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The heart is one of the vital organs that is very important for human survival. The function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body so that the body gets oxygen obtained from food for metabolic processes. Therefore, maintaining a healthy heart is very important so that we can avoid diseases that can cause sudden death.

In the general public, we often hear the term “sitting cold” which causes a person to die suddenly, even though previously he looked healthy and did not suffer from any disease. In the medical world, the term “cold sitting” can be included in one of the types of heart disease that often occurs. In addition to living a healthier lifestyle, for someone who already has risk factors for suffering from heart disease or has even been declared to have heart disease, also must have regular health checks. Starting from regularly checking blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat levels, as well as checking the state and health of the heart. With regular health checks, it is hoped that it can prevent the occurrence of sudden death from heart disease.


In order to improve the quality of service to the community, currently H.M RABAIN Hospital has opened a Cardiac Polyclinic service. With this service, it is hoped that the incidence of sudden death due to uncontrolled heart disease can be reduced so as to improve the quality of public health in general.

Cardiology specialist services have been opened at Rabain Muara Enim Hospital for general patients, Conducted by dr.K Muhammad Andri Akbar SpJP Opened Monday-Friday services
Service Hours
Monday to Thursday hours: 07.30 – 12.00 WIB
Friday 07.30 – 10.00 WIB

For BPJS patients and the general public at the Cardiology Clinic, the examination is carried out by Dr. H. Muhammad Mukti, SpPD, K-KV, FINASIAM Cardiac Poly services are carried out every Wednesday that has been determined.

The Cardiac Poly Service is equipped with complete equipment such as a device for performing cardiac X-rays. so that patients who check heart health can immediately follow up. We hope that the presence of the Cardiology Polyclinic can make it easier for the people of Muara Enin Regency and surrounding areas to obtain health services.

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