Gathering of the media crew at the village head’s office on the island of Panggung Enim

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Wednesday (16/03/2022)

The Head of SYAFRI Village, AR said that thanks to the active media crew in the village, it could be monitored and became a reference for motivation for a better life. And he hopes that the media crew will continue to build relationships and establish communication for community or village complaints.

In order to strengthen the ties of friendship, SYAFRI, AR as Village Head, Panggung Enim Island Government, Tanjung Agung District, Muara Enim Regency, Welcome online media at home in a friendly and simple manner.

The village head of Pulau Panggung Enim hopes that online and print media journalists are working partners, they must work together, therefore we are ready to accept media crews for social control as well as this stay, to foster unity and unity and synergy between journalists and the village head of Pulau Panggung Enim,” he said.

Because according to him, by partnering with journalists, the village government will be helped in terms of delivering messages to the community, through the same performance as publications of various activities carried out in the village. I hope that the information that will reach the public can be understood in a clear and balanced manner.

Furthermore SYAFRI, Hopefully with the establishment of this relationship, journalists are expected to be more professional in providing factual news and not making it up alias hoax,” he said.

On that occasion, bustomi, a reporter from signalmerah.com, said, “Thank you, Mr. Kades, for his welcome to us. The media crew, we are very grateful to Allah SWT, being able to be friends and synergize with the village head of Pulau Stage Enim, who has welcomed our arrival.
Bustomi added, “I wish the village head a long life, always healthy for the family and in the protection of Allah SWT, he concluded.

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