Free Cataract Surgery for the 41st Anniversary of PT Bukit Asam Tbk

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In the framework of the anniversary of PT. 41st Bukit Asam in 2022 Bukit Asam Medika Hospital (BAM) Tanjung Enim holds cataract surgery in synergy with PT. Bukit Asam for the Ring I community in the PT. BA, located at Bukit Asam Medika Hospital (BAM) Tanjung Enim, Lawang Kidul District, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra. Friday, 02/25/2022.

This was conveyed by dr. Alfurqon in his remarks at the ceremonial event said, “On behalf of the Palembang Branch of the Association of Ophthalmologists, thank you for holding free cataract surgery in the context of the 41st anniversary of PT. BA at Bukit Asam Medika Hospital (BAM) Tanjung Enim, hopefully PT. BA is still concerned with activities like this, because in developing countries many people are affected by cataract blindness, due to many in rural areas, and the lack of facilities that do not support it,” he said.

Furqon continued, “For this cataract surgery we use laser light and the patient does not feel pain because the cataract is aspirated using Ultraviolet waves so that there are no scars, it is safe and there are no stitches and also needs attention to the patient’s family so that the eye being operated on does not get hit. dust or water, then put eye drops regularly, if the treatment at home is good then 3 or 7 days will work and can see,” said Furqon.

On this occasion, the Lawang Kidul Sub-district Head, who was represented by the Camat Secretary, said he would like to thank PT. BA who has carried out free cataract surgery for people in Ring I of the company, hopefully all cataract operations will be successful in the future.

We apologize for the absence of the Lawang Kidul sub-district head, who should have wanted to attend, but he is currently attending the training and education in palembang, of course it does not reduce the meaning of this event and I represent the Lawang Kidul District Government very much appreciate and thank you for holding this cataract surgery free of charge, ” he said.

“Regarding today’s activities for free cataract surgery carried out by PT. BA in the framework of the 41st Anniversary, of course this supports the vision and mission of Muara Enim Regency, “Muara Enim is for the People, Muara Enim is for the People, healthy, independent, religious and prosperous,” he explained.

“In this case, it is related to the health of the community related to this activity, so that it can grow and develop the community’s economy in order to increase income for the welfare of the community,” he concluded.

Still in the same place GM. UPTE PT. BA Venvri Sagara also revealed that the cataract surgery was carried out as a concern from the company to the people in ring I. So that the company’s existence has a positive impact on the community,” he said.

“After the screening results, there are only 36 people who can have cataract surgery done out of 150 registered participants, whether in terms of blood pressure or uric acid, and in the future, so that the scope of service can be expanded, later we can provide cataract surgery, not just time. just a birthday through CSR, hopefully PT. BA will always be victorious, more advanced and more improved in production,” said Venvri.

Attending the opening of free cataract surgery GM UPTE PT. BA, dr. Gofar, an ophthalmologist from Palembang, Head of Lawang Kidul Sub-district, Lawang Kidul Police Chief, Danramil 404-05 Tanjung Enim, Public Relations of PT. BA, head of the hospital. BAM, Head of Tanjung Enim Health Center and the management of PT. Bukit Asam Tbk.

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