Early Detection of Disturbances in Kamtib, Muara Enim Prison Holds Incidental Raids on WBP Residential Rooms

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Muaraenim-sumsel, journalfactnews.com

In the context of Early Detection of Security and Order Disturbances, the Class IIB Muara Enim Penitentiary held an Incidental Raid on the Residential Rooms of Correctional Intended Residents (WBP). Thursday (24/02/2022).

After the Morning Call, the Satgas Kamtib and Satopspatnal searched one by one the WBP’s residential rooms for a search. In addition, the inmates were also gathered to be given guidance in undergoing the coaching period at the Muara Enim Prison.

In the press release of Kalapas Muara Enim, Herdianto through Kasat opspatnal Agusnadi explained that for the results of the raid that we carried out today, we found 1 unit of cellphone, 1 battery, a series of pieces of rope, wire and iron spoon and nothing for drugs.

We carry out these raids on a regular basis. We continue to be committed and take various steps in order to realize Muara Enim Zero Halinar / Clean from HP, Extortion and Drugs “said Agusnadi.

In the same place, Head of KPLP, Ressy Setiawan, said that the instructions from the Director General of Past in creating Advanced Corrections were one of them by carrying out Early Detection Steps for Security and Order Disturbances by carrying out incidental raids to minimize the risk of security disturbances in Muara Enim Prison.

The implementation of this incidental raid was carried out in a safe and orderly manner which was followed by all structural officers, staff and security forces on duty.

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