Muara Enim Correctional Friends Association, Supports Promote WBP’s work

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The Muara Enim Correctional Society which is a Youth Community as well as a friend of the District Correctional Center. Muara Enim expressed its support for the progress of Muara Enim Prison in providing the best service to the community and inmates.

This support was shown, one of which was by promoting the products of the inmates’ creations during the Coffee Morning activity with the Head of Muara Enim Herdianto. Wednesday, (23/02/2022).

The activity carries the theme of Boundless Synergy in the Context of Transparency of Public Services.

“Coffee morning with the media crew and the community of community friends is a moment to increase synergy. We provide information disclosure to the public.”

Media and society are forms of social control that are partners in prisons in realizing the improvement of the service and information sector,” said Kalapas.

At the end of the activity, positive appreciation from media colleagues and the community of community friends for the various productive activities of the Muara Enim Prison.

Furthermore, the association of correctional friends supports Muara Enim Prison in promoting widely to the public the products of WBP’s work produced by the Productive Training Center which are carried out directly by the Correctional Inmates (WBP) of the Muara Enim Institution.

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