The Event Withdrawal of the Bank Sumsel Babel Bank Pesirah Savings Lottery (BSB) Muara Enim Branch was successful and lively, the event was held at the Muara Enim Branch Office.

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Present at the drawing event, PJ Regent of Muara Enim DR H Nasrun Umar SH MM represented by PJ Secretary of Muara Enim Drs Emran Tabrani M Si, representatives from Muara Enim Police, Social Service of South Sumatra Province and Muara Enim Regency, notaries, Muara Enim Sub-district Head, and other officials Customer representative.

At the event, the BSB Muara Enim branch prepared a grand prize of 1 Toyota Inova car, and other prizes such as Motorcycles, Laptops, TVs, Fridges and Door prizes, where prizes will be brought home for lucky customers, the event went lively guided by the host and comedian from Palembang, namely Yai Nazib.

It was said by Branch Manager (Pinca) of BSB Muara Enim Benny Maryanto that the drawing of this prize draw was a real proof to pamper customers.

Pinca, who is familiar with Bento’s nickname, reported that the Super Grand Prize was drawn in January 2022, followed by all BSB Branches, where the prize was won by the Muara Dua Branch, of course Bento invites all customers to continue to increase savings at BSB Muara Branch Enim, because there are many interesting prizes ready to be brought home for the lucky ones

“We thank our customers who are still loyal to entrusting their savings to us, and finally today there will be a lottery, for lucky customers we congratulate and for those who were not lucky we hope you don’t have to despair because there are still other prizes to be won. ready to take home,” said Bento

In addition, Bento also thanked the Muara Enim Regency Government for continuing to support and support BSB Cab Muara Enim so that it can develop and of course always be committed to providing the best service for customers.

“BSB Muara Enim Branch always provides the best service for customers through various kinds of digital service-based products, of course BSB Muara Enim Branch always supports and cares about regional development,” said Bento.

Meanwhile, PJ Secretary of Muara Enim Drs Emran Tabrani welcomed the event held by BSB Muara Enim Branch, besides that he expressed his appreciation to Bank Sumsel Babel Muara Enim Branch who continues to provide the best service for its customers.

“Keep saving at the South Sumatra Babel bank and we are the ranks of the Muara Enim Regency Government, indeed our regional treasury is already in the South Sumatra Babel Bank. Because the public funds collected will be channeled to finance development in the Muara Enim area,” Emran said.

At the end of the event, the Innova Car Grand Prize was successfully brought home on behalf of Hasmiati, who was drawn directly by the PJ Secretary of Muara Enim.

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