Management of the Rabain Muara Enim Hospital, Performs Service Improvements and Improves Service Facilities and Infrastructure

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Muara Enim–sumsel, journalfactnews.com

Aspects of hospital services which include aspects of medical services, nursing services, support services and administrative services. The improvement in service quality can be seen from the indicators of the level of attainment of patient care as well as minimizing unwanted effects and increasing the level of patient satisfaction. Along with this, improving the quality of health services by adjusting health services to the hospital’s minimum service standards as stated in the governance provisions. manage hospital services.

The management of the Rabain hospital itself, of course, by maximizing superior service aspects including the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Perinatal Intensive Care Unit (PICU) room services, which are regional references not only for Muara Enim Regency, but also for PALI Regency, Lahat Regency. , Empat Lawang Regency, Prabumulih City and Pagaralam City. Currently the NICU/PICU room services have adequate pediatric intensive equipment and are supported by pediatric consultants, neonates consultant dr. Henri Azis, Sp.A (K). One of the proud achievements of the NICU room is the success of caring for a premature baby with a birth weight of 900 grams and by the will of Allah SWT managed to live with a weight increased to 1600 grams when discharged from the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Integrated Medical Check Up Poly (MCU) is facilitated by an occupational specialist, who has the right to give consideration to doing work activities (Fit to Work) and returning to work (Return To Work). The Integrated MCU Poly includes service innovations that aim to make it easier for MCU participants to get services at one door. As for the Hemodialysis Service (Dialysis), supported by as many as 9 units of Hemodialysis machines are able to serve dialysis patients as many as 16 patients per day, this is still insufficient because the waiting list for dialysis patients is still 30 people. Clinical psychology counseling services at the psychologist polyclinic are currently able to provide counseling services and test children’s talents and intelligence. Last year 2021, RSUD dr. H. Mohamad Rabain received the Top Ten Innovation Award from the Muara Enim Regency Government for the SNACK TB program which was initiated by Dr. Rahardi Sp.P as the innovator. SNACK TB is a TB patient service that is integrated with one stop service. The success rate indicator was explained by the Director of the Rabain Hospital, Muara Enim Regency. When discussed by the media crew, accompanied by the Head of Medical Services and RM (dr. Ahmad Fauzi, M.PH), the Head of Nursing Services (Tumpuk Susmiati, S.Kep, Mers), and the Head of Program and Publication Development (Nurhaida, SH, M.Kes).


There are several factors that must be in carrying out medical services in order to push towards better services, including:

1. The patience factor of patients and their families as well as health workers starts from the front line, whether it is the recording or initial information room as an administrative service and the emergency room as the next service gate.

2. Regulations and work systems of officers in the implementation of medical services, so that patients will be protected from unwanted things, understand what is the authority of health care workers and understand the rights and obligations of patients in obtaining medical services.

3. Improve the coordination system between service rooms so as to facilitate the hospital service system.

4. Improvement of hospital service facilities and infrastructure based on a balance of needs towards improving service quality.

5. Improving the ability and competence of health workers so that they are able to guarantee the quality and quality of hospital medical services and actions.

Well, such indicators can be fulfilled with good communication between service officers and patients and their families, “explained Dr. Furqon.

He also urged that the function of hospital services in serving the community, of course, is a responsibility including improving services and providing the best service innovations for the community in obtaining health services. Of course there may still be shortcomings and obstacles faced, but we will try our best to improve professionalism in service, building good communication with patients and their families, and maximizing Front Linear for health services,” he concluded, when conveying this to the media crew.

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