Attracting Attention, Deputy Chairperson of the Muara Enim DPRD Orders Batik Shirts by WBP Muara Enim Prison

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Batik shirts made by residents of the Class IIB Muara Enim Correctional Institution (WBP) have been heard in various circles. Starting from the general public to regional officials, the clothes produced by the WBP Muara Enim prison are not only limited to the South Sumatra area but have also reached the Lombok area.

The quality and characteristics are the main attraction, this time the Deputy Chairperson of the Muara Enim DPRD Hadiono and the Chair of Commission III Kasman deliberately visited Muara Enim Prison to see self-reliance development and ordered batik clothes made by the inmates of Muara Enim Prison. Monday, (21/02/2022).

“The implementation of independence development in Muara Enim Prison deserves our appreciation, I see that the inmates here already have the skills and produce interesting works and produce works of economic value,” said Hadiono

According to him, we must support the guidance at Muara Enim Prison, especially in terms of marketing. Like the Batik clothes that are here, they carry the nuances of the regional culture of the Muara Enim Regency, namely the lemang patterned batik.

“Hopefully the coaching they get at Muara Enim Prison can be a provision after being released later and make an independent and better person” Hope the Deputy Chair of the Muara Enim DPRD.

Head of Muara Enim Headquarters Herdianto expressed his gratitude to the Muara Enim DPRD for supporting the coaching program in Muara Enim Prison.

“The process of coaching / social reintegration for inmates will not be optimal, if there is no support from various layers of society, especially elements of local government,” he said.

“Let’s continue to support Muara Enim Prison in providing guidance to the inmates so that they can become better individuals after being released,” added Herdianto.

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