41st Anniversary of PT Bukit Asam TBK Releases 16 thousand Fish Seeds

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The release of fish fry was directly led by the General Manager of Mining Tanjung Enim (GM PTE) PT. BA Venpri Sagara was accompanied by Tripika Elements, Lawang Kidul District, on the Enim River Bank, Tanjung Enim, Lawang Kidul District, Friday (18/2/2022).

On the sidelines of the event, Venpri said that this activity was part of the contribution of the Company to participate in preserving the environment, fauna and ecosystems around ring 1 mine PT. BA.

He hopes that the fish that are stocked can breed well, a 6-fold increase in number from the 16 thousand fish seeds, thus providing benefits for the community and the environment.

Hopefully this activity can run well, and can be enjoyed by the community, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, Sugiarto K Sarip, Coordinator for the Distribution of Fish Seedlings for PTBA’s 41st Anniversary Committee, added that the type and number of fish consisted of 4 thousand carp, 4 thousand catfish, 4 thousand cork, and 4 thousand catfish with a total of 16 thousand tail seeds.

Meanwhile, the location for the distribution of 16,000 fish seeds was in Lawang Kidul District, Muara Enim Regency, which was spread over the Enim River, Pasar Tanjung Enim Village, Kiahan River, Tegal Rejo Village, and ponds around the mine site and public facilities in Ring 1 PTBA, as well as the Kiahan River. Sirah Pulau Village, East Merapi District, Lahat Regency.

Then in addition to the Tripika Elements, the distribution of fish also involves the Village Head and Community Leaders,” said the Assistant Manager of Vegetation Care of PT. BA.

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