The Head of Surade Police of Sukabumi Police Visits Ikhsan’s Child Suffering From Birth Disabilities and Provides Basic Food Assistance

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Sukabumi-West Java, jurnalfaktanews.com

Currently the condition of Muhammad Ikhsan Nurfadilah is a 10 year old child who has to lie weakly in bed. It is known that Ikhsan is a resident of Cigaok Village, Cibitung Village, Cibitung District, Sukabumi Regency, since birth he has suffered from the condition of people with severe disabilities (ODKB) or bed ridden (lying in bed).

According to the Head of Surade Police, Sukabumi Police, West Java Police, AKP Asep Sundana, who came to visit Ikhsan with Babinsa and Bhabinkamtibmas officers and Cibodas Village Chief, Hikmat Ginanjar, said that currently Ikhsan is being cared for by his grandfather, Anem, 75 years old, and his grandmother, Abu Ipur, 70 years old. Sarip only works as a motorcycle taxi driver.

“Currently Ikhsan and his family live in a small house with the condition of the wooden building being brittle and the bamboo is crooked and withered,” said Akp Asep Sundana.

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