Lawang Kidul Police Holds Astra Zeneca, Fpizer and Booster Vaccinations

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In order to handle the acceleration of Covid-19, the Lawang Kidul Sector Police continue to boost the vaccination of Astra Zeneca, Fpizer doses 1 and 2 and Booster doses of 3 types of Fpizer at the Lawang Kidul Police Headquarters in synergy with the Muara Enim Police Clinic in South Sumatra. Saturday (18/02)

According to the media crew, the people of Tanjung Enim are still enthusiastic about participating in vaccines, both doses 1 and 2 and dose 3 which were held at the Lawang Kidul Police Headquarters.

This was conveyed by Kapolsek Lawang Kidul through the General Head of AIPDA. Dodi Lesmana said, in order to support the acceleration of handling COVID-19, so as to reduce the number of spread and transmission of the corona virus and the National Economic Recovery, Towards Advanced Indonesia, he said.

He continued, “We hope that as many people as possible are vaccinated, so we hold the Astra Zeneca vaccine doses 1, 2 and Fpizer doses 1 and 2, then the Fpizer type Booster vaccine dose 3, to increase heard immunity for people who have been completely vaccinated. ” he said.

Meanwhile, medical personnel, Dwianti, said that we are doing this vaccine to increase heard immunity, in synergy with the Lawang Kidul Sector Police, so that the target is achieved so that the community is vaccinated above 80%, so as to reduce the spread of COVID-19, he added.

“Still from Dwianti”, we were assigned from the Muara Enim Police clinic to administer vaccines at the Lawang Kidul Police Headquarters with Asra Zeneca vaccine doses 1 and 2, Fpizer vaccine doses 1 and 2, and Booster vaccine doses 3 of Fpizer, he concluded.

One of the people of Tanjung Enim, Eko Mardianto, said that actually I had wanted a vaccine for a long time, but my time was very limited, he said and also felt afraid of being injected with a vaccine, said Eko.

“After being injected with the vaccine, it feels normal. For the second dose of vaccine, 21 days apart, I will continue,” said Eko.

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