Commemorating 40 Days of the Death of Syahril Hijar Bin Hidjar

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Today, Saturday 19 February 2022, exactly 40 days ago you, our Father, have left us all forever. We did not expect that on January 11, 2022, at 14.38 WIB, Father breathed his last, leaving this mortal world, returning to the source of life, namely Allah, the creator of the Universe.

Dad, to this day, we’re actually still not ready to let you go. You are still alive in our dreams, thoughts, hearts and all the movements of our lives, your children. To the extent that we sometimes shed tears when we can no longer accept this fact.

Why are we so sad after you left? Because whatever we’ve done so far is just to make Mom and Dad happy. We fought both in education and in work, actually just to make Mom and Dad happy. Father is one of our greatest energies to move forward. But when Dad was gone, we fell down, helpless.

We lost our support, a place to share the sweet and bitter stories of life that we experienced overseas. Now we have to accept a new reality, we no longer need to go home to talk about our complaints. You have been with us whenever and wherever we are. May God strengthen us to start something new.

Now, Father has returned to the Creator 40 days ago. Our prayers rose like incense to the presence of the almighty God to be pleased to receive Father by God’s side. We believe that thanks to Allah’s mercy and forgiveness, father’s sins will be forgiven.

We have also started to crawl forward, independent without the presence of father anymore. We will strive to complete the goals that we have planned together. Indeed, there are many beautiful stories with Dad that we can never forget for the rest of our lives, until we die. The stories live on in our every move.

Father, rest in peace. Please pray for us to sincerely let go of your departure and we are strong to face every challenge of life in this world. Amen.

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