41st Anniversary of PT. Bukit Asam Tbk Holds Free Mass Cataract Surgery

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In the framework of the anniversary of PT. 41st Bukit Asam in 2022 Bukit Asam Medika Hospital (BAM) Tanjung Enim holds cataract surgery in synergy with PT. Bukit Asam, currently still being examined by medical personnel, is located at the Bukit Asam Medika Hospital (BAM) Tanjung Enim, Lawang Kidul District, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra. Friday, 18/02/2022.

When interviewed by the PR of Bukit Asam Medika Hospital (BAM) Karien was accompanied by the hospital administration. Bukit Asam Medika said, “This activity is a concern for PT. BA in synergy with BAM Hospital to help relieve people who have cataracts in the eye, especially for the elderly and after being examined, it can be confirmed whether surgery can later be performed,” he said.

While dr. Andrian Noris as the team leader said, “In the context of the 41st Anniversary of PT. Bukit Asam, they will carry out cataract surgery for ring I around the Tanjung Enim Coal exploitation/exploration environment with a target of 150 participants in 5 sub-districts (Tanjung Agung, Lawang Kidul, Muara Enim, East Merapi and West Merapi),” he said.

He continued, “Before the operation, we will do an initial screening first how his health, blood pressure and diabetes we need to know and now it has started every Friday for 2 times, today is the last one to check with the aim of whether we can continue the operation and activities This collaboration is with ophthalmologists from the Robain Muara Enim Hospital and Muhamad Husein Hospital in Palembang,” said Noris.

He added, “the data we received through recommendations from each of the health centers from the 2 regencies and 5 sub-districts, for the implementation of cataract surgery activities will be carried out ceremonially on February 26, 2022 at Bukit Asam Medika Hospital Tanjung Enim,” concluded Noris.

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