First in 2022 YBM PLN PLTU Bukit Asam conducts house renovation

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Muaraenim-sumsel, jurnalfaktanews.com

Feelings of happiness enveloped Nursani, a resident of Lingga Village, Lawang Kidul District, Muara Enim Regency. Because now he can smile happily so that he can live more comfortably in the house that will be renovated to make it habitable.

Nursani (69), a resident who is a candidate for ‘surgical house’ assistance from the Baitul Mal Foundation program for the state electricity generator, Bukit Asam Steam Power Plant (YBM PLN PLTU BA). Thursday (17/02/2022).

Duddy said that the house assistance for Nursani was an instruction from the central PLN to maximize the benefits of Paba’s waste for making bricks, block blocks and others, so we made a house renovation program.

“The condition for participating in the house renovation program is to have a certificate of land and house rights,” explained Duddy to the media crew, Tuesday (15/2/2022).

Duddy said that the current process is still testing the feasibility of the house, possibly in 1 week. The team will come to calculate the cost that will be recommended to the central PLN to renovate Nursani’s house.

We also thank the media journalfactnew.com and media partners who have helped find the right person for the home renovation program from PLN,

“We hope this is not the first and last, but we will try to dissect 1-2 houses in a year, but it all depends on the policy of the central PLN,” said Duddy.

He also said that he was working on a program to help small traders in the form of remodeling or building new sales carts and providing capital assistance to sell for those who really needed it.

Meanwhile, Nursani, who lives alone, is grateful and expresses her gratitude for getting the house renovation assistance initiated by the Muara Enim Regional Journalist Forum.

“Ready to move a house in Iloki, mangke pacak sleep well, it’s not leaking anymore (Who doesn’t want a house to be renovated, sleep can sleep well, the roof won’t leak anymore),”said Nursani in Muaraenim language.

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