The South Sumatra Regional State Intelligence Agency Assists the South Oku Regency Government to Accelerate Vaccination of Patients with ODGJ and Disabilities

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The process of accelerating vaccination in South Oku Regency was again carried out this time assisted by the South Sumatra Regional State Intelligence Agency (BINDA Sumsel).

This vaccination target is aimed at Patients with Mental Disorders (ODGJ) and Disabilities in South OKU Regency with a total of 828 (eight hundred and twenty eight) ODGJ patients spread across South Oku Region. :
Dose 1: 91.4%
Dose 2: 44.3%
Dose 3: 2.6%
Update on active cases of Covid-19 in South OKU Regency as many as 29 people.

Dari kiri ke kanan : Perwakilan Polres Oku Selatan

From left to right: South Oku Police Representative, South Oku Regent, Kabinda, South Oku Deputy District Head, Kodim 0403 Oku Raya.

This launching event took place in Hamlet V, Gunung Tiga Village, Muaradua Oku Selatan District, attended by the South Oku Regent, Deputy Regent, Forkompimda, Kabinda, Kadinkes, Head of BPBD, Kadin Social, Kadin Sat Pol PP, Kadishub, Kapolsek Muaradua, Camat Muaradua, Kapus Muaradua in the event starting at 09.00 wib, vaccination was immediately carried out for ODGJ patients. Thursday 17 February 2022.

Meanwhile, Kabinda Sumsel Brigadier General Armansyah SH explained, today in South OKU District his party held a vaccination in collaboration with the South Oku District Government, South Oku Health Service targeting ODGJ and disabled patients in South OKU District.

“We will continue to carry out vaccination activities and monitoring the progress of vaccination achievements as an effort to support the realization of community immunity. This is in order to control the corona virus pandemic, especially the Omicron variant, which spreads faster than the previous virus,” he added.

Furthermore, Kabinda Sumsel said that vaccination for ODGJ and people with disabilities needed a special approach. They also carry out door to door visits to vaccine targets.” What is certain is that we are assisted by the local government through the health department. Of course we must work together for the success of this vaccination process, for South Sumatra there are more than 60 thousand residents who are targeted for this vaccination. have the same right to health, this vaccination activity is a form of central and regional inspection to protect the community, for that we hope that everyone has been vaccinated and this opportunity thanks the South Oku Regency Government for the extraordinary efforts to protect its people,” concluded the South Sumatran Kabinda Brigadier General Armansyah SH.

Meanwhile, at the same place, Popo Ali B Com, appreciated the vaccination carried out by the BIN institution in an effort to accelerate vaccination achievements.

“Together, we continue to do our best to carry out vaccinations for the people of South Oku, we do all that so that the community is protected with strong antibodies to fight the virus, this is our effort to minimize the spread of the Omicron virus which is currently widespread,” said Popo Ali.

Popo also hopes that the public always obeys the health protocol, which is to always apply the 3 M, wear masks, wash hands and keep a distance, in order to avoid the virus, we thank you for today’s activities to the BIN institution and the Health Service who have continued to try to minimize the spread of the virus. Omicron in the South Oku region,” closed the Regent of South Oku Popo Ali Martopo.

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