Baros Village, Cimahi City Holds Vaccinations 2 and 3

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Cimahi, jurnalfaktanews.com

The Baros Village community actively participates in vaccines at the Baros Village Office, Cimahi to support the acceleration of handling COVID-19, which currently has a new variant of the Omicron type, so that vaccination targets must be pursued in order to reduce the spread in the community and increase group immunity (heard immunity) in Baros Village. , Cimahi City, West Java.

According to the media crew at the Baros Sub-District Office, vaccinations 2 and 3 are active, Thursday, 02/17/2022.

Residents of Baros Cimahi carried out this vaccine to support the acceleration of handling COVID-19 and also the recovery of the national economy, in the direction of advanced Indonesia.

Residents of Baros also hope that Covid-19 will end quickly, especially in Baros Village, so that community activities can return to normal,” he concluded.

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