Tanjung Enim State Elementary School 1 (SDN 1) Implements Vaccination to prevent Covid-19

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To implement the Government’s Program so that the Resilience and Immunity of Students / Students can be avoided from Exposure to the Spread of Covid 19, SDN 1 Tanjung Enim, Tanjung Enim sub-district, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra Province, carried out the Covid19 Vaccination.

This vaccination activity was carried out on Wednesday 16/02/2022 Starting at 9:00 a.m. Located at SDN 1 Tanjung Enim which was attended by local SDN students accompanied by the parents/guardians of the vaccinated students.

Before the Covid-19 vaccination began, the Principal of Tanjung Enim State Elementary School 1 (SDN 1), Sarnubi, S.Pd. Conveying that the importance of implementing this vaccine is to increase the immunity of students and prevent new transfers (mutations) from Covid’19.

Sarnubi added that parents/guardians should participate pro-actively in persuading their children to implement the Covid’19 Vaccine, because this activity is also very important for the students themselves.

The school principal continued, his party felt relieved and satisfied because their students had implemented the vaccine, so that parents’ fear of their children due to exposure to the spread of Covid-19 was reduced, he concluded.

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