Supporting the acceleration of handling Covid-19, Lawang Kidul Police Holds Vaccination

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The people of Tanjung Enim actively participate in vaccines at the Lawang Kidul Police Headquarters to support the acceleration of handling COVID-19, which currently has a new variant of the Omicron type, so vaccination targets must be pursued in order to reduce the spread in the community and increase group immunity (heard immunity) in Lawang Kidul District, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra.

The media crew at the Lawang Kidul Police Headquarters are actively vaccinating Astra Zenica doses 1 & 2, Fpizer dose 2, Synovac dose 2, and Booster using the Moderna vaccine. Tuesday, 15/02/2022.

This was conveyed by Kapolsek Lawang Kidul through the General Head of AIPDA. Dodi Lesmana, SH said, we held a vaccination at the Mapolsek to make it easier for people who were at the Tanjung Enim market so that it was easy for them to reach the place of this vaccine activity, people were still enthusiastic about participating in the vaccine, he said.

Then said Dodi, “we will carry out this vaccine to support the acceleration of handling Covid-19 and also the recovery of the national economy, towards advancing Indonesia,” hoped Dodi.

Meanwhile, the medical team from the Muara Enim Jualinta Police Clinic said that the Muara Enim Police Clinic in synergy with the Lawang Kidul Sector Police will continue to strive to carry out vaccines so that as many people as possible can be vaccinated, thereby reducing the spread and exposure of the corona virus in the community,” he said.

He continued, “Today we are administering the Moderna and Astra Zeneca vaccines dose 1 & 2, Fpizer dose 2, while the Synovac type we are holding a dose 2, for the Booster we use the Moderna type, we hope that this Covid-19 will end quickly, especially in Muara Enim Regency, so that people’s activities can return to normal,” he concluded.

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