Recess 1 DPRD Bekasi City, North Bekasi Dapil Bpk Arif Rahman Hakim, SH.

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Not long ago, on 10/2/2022, members of the DPRD for the North Bekasi Dapil held a RESES in the Manseng 1 area and the new Manseng in RT 06/RW 24 Central Kaliabang, North Bekasi, who were also present, namely:

1. North Bekasi sub-district head, Mr. Jalalludin,
2. Head of Central Kaliabang, Mr. Ahmad Hidayat,
3. Bimaspol Central Kaliabang Mr. Mulyadi,
4. Head of RW 24, Mr. H Husni Harahap,
5. Head of RT 06, Mrs. Roosmery,
6. Head of RT. 01 /RW. 10,
7. Community leaders,
8. Members of the Rw 24 Youth Organization.

Mr. Arif said that the task and function of the People’s Representative is to go out in the field to hear what the community needs, he is also ready to help realize the proposals and prioritize what is needed and proposed by the community.

This recess will later be collected in the system and will be informed in Regional Development, from the proposals of the RT head and community leaders will be discussed in the relevant Office, both in the fields of Education, Culture, Flood Management Structure and Health.

Among these areas the most widely proposed is the problem of flooding in the RW area. 24 Kelurahan Kaliabang Tengah, North Bekasi.

Salute to our brothers and sisters in Karang Taruna RW. 24 who successfully carried out the event, said Mr. Arif.

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