OKI Deputy Regent Motivates OKI Students to Love Pancasila More

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jurnalfaktanews.com, Ogan Komering Ilir-South Sumatra. February 16, 2022.

Deputy Regent H. M. Dja’far Shodiq motivates students of SMAN 3 Unggulan Kayuagung who are now UPT SMAN O5 OKI to love Pancasila more and more. This was conveyed at the Student Seminar of SMAN 3 Top Kayuagung at the Multipurpose Building of SMAN GAUL, Wednesday (16/02/2022).

“Never give up easily, success will belong to those who are diligent and serious in realizing their dreams,” explained Deputy Regent H. M. Dja’far Shodiq to the students.

The man who was born on February 22, 1969, who likes history, said that his early career started when he was the sole candidate for the village head of Makati Mulya, he was elected and became the village head at that time. After the end of his term of office, he tried his luck in political contestation as the OKI Regency Regional People’s Representative Council, he got enough votes and was entitled to one seat as a member of the OKI DPRD. His political career continued, until he was again trusted by the community to become Deputy Regent of Ogan Komering Ilir.

He also provided an opportunity for students and students to have a dialogue which was then greeted enthusiastically by the students by taking turns asking questions.

At the end of the session sharing his story, H. M. Dja’far Shodiq said that it is hoped that the Movement School is not only a concept or learning discourse, but all parties must work in harmony to actually make it happen. Let’s prove that students at the OKI are able to become Pancasila students who have character and have various achievements.

The Principal of UPT SMAN 5 OKI, H. Anis Joko Santoso, S.Pd., MM said that he was one of the Pilot Projects for the Driving School in South Sumatra which aims to produce a profile of Pancasila Students. Student Seminar by inviting this inspirational figure as a way to motivate students’ enthusiasm for learning and persistence to always be the best.

“Six main elements that mark the Pancasila Student Profile, namely having faith in God Almighty and having noble character, global diversity, independence, mutual cooperation, critical reasoning, and creativity,” explained Anis at the Multipurpose Building at SMAN GAUL (16/02). /2022).

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