Special Economic Zone Land Dispute in Mandalika

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CENTRAL LOMBOK, journalfactnews.com

Land dispute in The Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ) between PT. The Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) with dozens of residents around The Mandalika area, according to the Law Lecturer of the Faculty of Law, University of Mataram (Unram) Prof. Dr. Djumardin, have a lot in common. Where the real problem point is not between residents and ITDC. But there are internal residents themselves.

In a sense, these lands have actually been acquired or paid for by the ITDC to the residents. But it was claimed again by residents who claimed to be legal heirs of the land that had been paid for by the ITDC.

“This is a problem that is often found in land disputes in The Mandalika area,” said Djumardin, to Suara NTB, Monday (14/2) yesterday.

For this reason, his party advises residents who claim land in The Mandalika area to resolve their internal problems first. By legally determining who the real heirs of the land are, if it is still in one family bond. Or the owner who is entitled to the land, if other people are involved. Are the residents who have sold the land or are the residents who are currently claiming it.

“And that can only be done through the judicial process at the Religious Courts (PA),” he said.

This is important, to provide certainty before the law about who has the right to the claimed land. If there is a legal determination regarding heirs or land ownership, then residents can file a lawsuit or claim to ITDC.

That way, ITDC can also obtain legal certainty about who the real heirs or legal owners of the land are.

“What has happened so far is that the land has been paid to another party. Then there are other parties claiming to be heirs or land owners, making claims. Legally this is still unclear. In fact, even if residents file a civil lawsuit, the judge will definitely not accept it,” he explained.

Evidently, in several lawsuits submitted by residents to the District Court (PN), the judge must have decided Niet Ontvankelijke Verklaard or NO. Because the documents submitted by residents are still legally weak.

The expert team of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Land Settlement for the Mandalika SEZ of NTB Province admitted that of the 10 land objects that have been and will be mediated by the task force at this time, the problem is almost the same. Between residents claim each other as owners or heirs. By filing the same document together.

In this case, the issue cannot be resolved through mediation. Must go through the legal process in court. So that there is a legal determination about who has the most right to the claimed land.

“If this issue is resolved, it will be easier to deal with ITDC. Because the ITDC is actually just in a waiting position,” he added.

The same thing was also conveyed by Prof. Dr. H. Zainal Asikin. According to the Advisor to the Task Force for the Acceleration of Land Settlement for the Mandalika SEZ, NTB Province, land settlement mediation will not be completed if the parties are not clear. In a sense, there are still problems from the residents’ side. Because in this case citizens both have supporting documents.

“So the question of who has the right to the land must be resolved first. And, it can only be resolved through the Religious Courts. If the problem has been resolved, then we can only move to the next stage with ITDC. And, in this case, ITDC will definitely be open to all claims or claims from citizens,” he said.

The following is the task force team for the acceleration of land problem solving
in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province in 2022, among others, Prof. Dr. H. Zaenal Asikin, SH, SU, KOMBESPOL Awan Hariono, SH, SIK, MH, H. Ahsanul Halik, S. Sos., MH, L. Rudy Gunawan, SH, Supriyadi, S. SiT., M.AP, Ir . Then Suharli, Muhammad Salih Basyarah, S.H., M.H., Dedy Dilianto, S.H., Ihsan Asri, S.H., AKBP. Hery Indra Cahyo, S.H., S.I.K., M.H, AKP. Joko Tamtomo, S.H., S.I.K., M.H, AKP. Abdul Haris, Redho Rizki Pratama, S. Tr. K, Virziawan Septianto, S.T.K., Wahyu Amri, Zainudin, H. Herman Edy, S.H., M.H, Bq. Elny Susanti, Marsoan, S.H, Aang Rizal Zamrony, S.H., M.H, Ari Wahyuddin, S. STP., MM last Yudha Prawira Dilaga, S.H., M.H.

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