Furniture made by the inmates of Muara Enim Prison is on sale by the DPC of the Indonesian Democratic Journalists Association (AWDI) Muara Enim

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jurnalfaktanews.com, Muara Enim-sumsel.

The work of the Correctional Inmates (WBP) of Muara Enim Prison has no doubt of quality and has won the trust of various groups ranging from Government Agencies, Communities, Youth Organizations, Journalists and other General Publics.

This time the DPC of the Indonesian Democratic Journalists Association (AWDI) Muara Enim bought a package of furniture in the form of tables and chairs which were handed over directly by the Head of Subsidy, Giatja Zulaiwan Fajri. Tuesday (15/02/2022).

Chairman of the DPC AWDI Muara Enim Rudiansyah said that the guidance of the inmates in Muara Enim Prison deserves appreciation. It can be seen from their various works that they are of good quality.

“In addition to good quality, the price is also affordable. I think we have to support the coaching program in Muara Enim Prison, one of which is by buying their works,” said Rudiansyah.

In the same place, Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto through Head of Subsidy Giatja Zulaiwan Fajri expressed his gratitude for the trust by ordering the work of our WBP in the form of a Furniture package.

By ordering WBP’s works, it gives them their own motivation to develop their skills, which of course can be a provision for them after they are released and eventually become independent and productive individuals,” said the man who is often called Bang Iwan.

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