Bukit Asam Saturday Camping Enlivens the National Movement for the Month of K3

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The Saturday-Sunday Camp (Persami) held by PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PT. BA) at the Tanjung Enim West Bangko Campground, Lawang Kidul District, 12-13 February 2022, was lively.

The celebration of Persami which is part of the agenda of PT. BA in commemoration of the National Movement (Gernas) Month of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) PT. BA in 2022 was attended by high school students in Muara Enim Regency which was opened directly by the General Manager of Mining Tanjung Enim PT. BA Venpri Sagara, Saturday (12/2/2022).

Representing Bukit Asam Management, Venpri Sagara addressed the participants at Persami Bukit Asam which became a gathering place and Scout agility competition.

“Welcome, fellow enforcement scouts who come from high school students and equivalent in Muara Enim Regency. Make this Saturday’s Campground a place for gathering and showing sportsmanship in various agility competitions,” he said.

He said the presence of the participants was a manifestation of Bhineka Tunggal Ika because they came from various front groups, with different school backgrounds and different regions, even though they were still in the same district.

According to him, the Scout Movement is a non-formal education system, which helps and complements formal education, which becomes a movement to shape the character, character and personality of the nation’s young generation.

In addition, the Scout Movement can be a place for forging skills, knowledge, fostering a disciplined spirit, and fostering a spirit of togetherness as well as being a vehicle for creating national citizens who have personality, character, and have the spirit of defending the country.

“Through this camp activity, I hope that young people will return to love scouting activities, as a vehicle for learning to become leaders, and a means of increasing knowledge,” he said.

Not to forget Venpri conveyed a message during the Persami activity for the participants to strengthen friendship and intimacy, as well as strictly implement health protocols, considering that currently cases of the Omicron variant of the covid virus continue to increase.

“For the common good, I ask my brothers and sisters and all parties involved and participating in Persami activities to continue to strictly implement health protocols,” concluded Venpri affirmed.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Persami Bukit Asam, Kgs M Irwinsyah, added that Persami who was part of Gernas Bulan K3 PT. The BA in 2022 was attended by 400 participants from 20 high school/vocational high school levels from 9 sub-districts in Muara Enim Regency.

He conveyed that the liveliness of the Bukit Asam Saturday Camp was filled with activities such as Tent Creativity Competition, Health Protocol Implementation Competition, Art Performance Competition, Yel-Yel Contest, Tent Building Contest, Pioneering Contest, Semaphore and Morse Contest.

“In the evening, a caraka will be held to form independent, brave and unyielding souls. In addition, there will be outbound activities aimed at building character, cooperation and team cohesiveness,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Amri Nurmanzen from SMAN 1 Muara Enim, a Persami participant, was happy with Persami, because according to him the camp activities held by PTBA like this were very good, being a place to meet new friends, which can also be used as a place to share knowledge and insights.

As for his team’s preparation for participating in Persami, he said a lot of preparations had been made, ranging from training to quickly make tents, rehearsing the semaphore, to practicing art performances.

“For the other competitions, we are also ready and have been practicing for two weeks, we are sure to win and the target is the overall champion,” said Amri.

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